The Experienced Agent Recruiting Program:

The online video training course that gives you everything you need to recruit the productive agents you want

Here’s just a sampling of what you’ll learn if you join the program:

Module 1: Recruiting Fundamentals

  • What agents REALLY want from a brokerage (and it isn’t the highest split with the lowest fees)
  • The unexpected reason productive agents switch companies
  • How to overcome the three fears all agents have that stop them from joining your company
  • The simple, yet counterintuitive idea that will make recruiting MUCH easier for you

Module 2: Who to Target & How to Find the Time to Recruit

  • How to take the guesswork out of creating a prospect list that will ensure you hit your recruiting goal
  • The research-backed way to identify the producing agents who are the easiest to recruit
  • Why your office location plays a HUGE role in the number of agents who will join
  • The two proven techniques for finding the time to recruit (without adding anything more to your calendar)

Module 3: Getting Appointments

  • How to create irresistible marketing messages that’ll get agents to want to meet with you
  • The simple and easy way to recruit most brokers overlook
  • The EXACT words to say on the phone to book a steady stream of recruiting appointments
  • The social media recruiting formula you can execute in as little as 10 minutes per day

Module 4: The Recruiting Appointment

  • What you MUST know before you ever step into a recruiting appointment
  • The biggest reason agents don’t join (even when you were sure they would)
  • What recruiting materials to bring into the appointment (and what to leave out)
  • The exact process for conducting a recruiting appointment that gets agents to join ASAP

Module 5: Objection Handling & Follow-Up

  • How to successfully overcome the three most common commission objections
  • The four-step process for getting agents to join even when they have active listings and deals in process
  • What to say when agents insist the timing isn’t right for them to switch (this involves a little-known yet incredibly effective behavioral-change process)
  • The one objection that trips almost everyone up (because it doesn’t sound like an objection at all)
  • Effective follow-up strategies you can use to stay in touch with agents you’ve interviewed (without bothering or pestering them)

Module 6: Onboarding & Outsourcing

  • How to generate referrals from agents who recently joined (and the reason why waiting to ask is a HUGE mistake)
  • What to do to make the “I love my broker” objection work in your favor
  • How to leverage your existing staff to help you recruit
  • How to outsource the two hardest parts of recruiting (and what you should look for in a company/individual)
  • The five biggest takeaways from the program I guarantee will help you recruit

Plus, the program also includes valuable bonus materials such as:

  • Powerful marketing messages you can use in all your recruiting materials to generate appointments
  • Proven call scripts for every situation
  • A social media recruiting guide that walks you through which sites to use and how to use them
  • The Recruiting Appointment Cheat Sheet (the step-by-step process for conducting a recruiting appointment that results in joins)
  • A “breakup message” that gets agents to respond even when you haven’t heard from them in weeks

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